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How to gain control of your worries and increase your quality of life and effectiveness

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You perform in many roles and responsibilities. You feel overwhelmed by society’s demands, while social media compares you with perfect examples of happiness. Do you need to improve yourself and your actions to achieve an ideal image?

Evolutionary biology could state that you come from an ancestor that worries saved…

The best agile certifications with their key characteristics, how to get them and which is the right for you

Agile methodology is taking over as the primary way to develop software. Leading Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, more organizations focus on achieving business agility.

In this new business world, you need the modern skill of how to cooperate and offer value, while working agile. …

I love sports. In every form. And then I loved working in a business environment.

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I live to achieve goals. I remember always enjoying solving math problems but also winning in sports. I have done running, swimming, basketball, parkour, beach volleyball, bodybuilding, dancing, martial arts, but most of all I have been practicing Muay Thai (aka Thai boxing) for over 15 years.

Starting a career…

Making mistakes is a crucial element for your growth. Feedback is necessary. But how you receive feedback isn’t what you must focus on.

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Searching the internet for soft skills, feedback is a trending topic. Professionals use feedback to improve team collaboration. Companies educate employees on how to give and receive feedback, to support a psychologically safe workplace.

Feedback demands a growth mindset — when you believe that learning new skills and gaining knowledge…

Two options to get to the top of the mountain: Fly like an eagle or crawl like a snake.

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Arthur Schopenhauer wrote The Art of Being Right, which recently became a best seller. The philosopher shows how to focus only on defending your position and countering the opponent’s position while ignoring the objective truth. However, Schopenhauer’s true intention was to draw the attention of his readers to the tricks…

In a business world that is changing faster than ever, vision & adaptation become the key differentiators to move forward.

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One of the best business books I have read lately is Leading Digital and I would love to share with you my five key takeaways.

The authors George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, and Andrew McAfee present how companies use digital to gain strategic advantage. Digital Master is a goal for every…

91% of businesses are engaged in some form of digital initiative

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During the last decade, we talk about digitalization, digital transformation, 4th industrial revolution. 87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a priority — Gartner. New jobs are available and current jobs integrate digital aspects. Everything is digitally evolving.

Let’s go on Digital Transformation 101. What Digital Transformation is, why…

Dionysis Svoronos

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