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How to take advantage of your most valuable asset

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In traditional projects, the Project Manager is responsible for communicating with the Sponsor. It’s often said “Project Management is 80% communication”. Having the Sponsor engaged becomes a priority.

When you work agile, accountability is shared in the team, and after every iteration, you present your work to the stakeholders. Everyone…

Trying to belong in a business world where effectiveness is needed, but perfectionism is asked

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Let’s go back to when you were preparing yourself for your first interview... How did you feel?

Stressed to prove your passion and character, enthusiastic that you are about to kick-start your career, curious of how the interview would be like?

You had your CV ready and accepted, you already…

How to improve team collaboration while staying true to your personal goals

Trust equation representation by Robert Greiner

It is common practice that you achieve more working in a team than working alone. Even working in a team, you still have your personal values and your personal goals. If your value system is in contrast to the team’s value system, you aren’t suitable for one another. …

How to stop wasting time in long meetings and create a well-oiled coordination process

How often have you seen yourself sitting in another meeting where you thought: “This could have been an email?”

How overbooked is once again your weekly calendar? Maybe even you create calendar blockers so that you could at last work on your tasks?

And all that, when you are hearing…

From discomfort to suffering, we evaluate each moment of our lives on how much pain we feel

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Every second of your existence, you feel you lack something. You don’t have enough time, energy, money, sleep, food, friends, support.

Every second of your life, you compare yourself with others; how much or how little you have succeeded vs. your friends, colleagues, environment. You measure yourself vs. …

How to gain control of your worries and increase your quality of life and effectiveness

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You perform in many roles and responsibilities. You feel overwhelmed by society’s demands, while social media compares you with perfect examples of happiness. Do you need to improve yourself and your actions to achieve an ideal image?

Evolutionary biology could state that you come from an ancestor that worries saved…

The best agile certifications with their key characteristics, how to get them and which is the right for you

Agile methodology is taking over as the primary way to develop software. Leading Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, more organizations focus on achieving business agility.

In this new business world, you need the modern skill of how to cooperate and offer value, while working agile. …

I love sports. In every form. And then I loved working in a business environment.

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I live to achieve goals. I remember always enjoying solving math problems but also winning in sports. I have done running, swimming, basketball, parkour, beach volleyball, bodybuilding, dancing, martial arts, but most of all I have been practicing Muay Thai (aka Thai boxing) for over 15 years.

Starting a career…

Dionysis Svoronos

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